Upcoming home bakers in Mohali wants to share her experience with you.  Nowadays, people are more into baking at home than buying from shops and the urge to learn makes them join different classes by paying a lot of money. Here, a home bakers in Mohali shares her experience and recipes with you just for free. Amazing recipes to try on and some questions answered that you might feel like asking while you bake. Her own experiences will help you know and make you believe that baking is not a difficult job. Also you can bake some mouth-watering delicacies just by sitting at home.  No need to worry just visit our page and you will know what you will need and how to do it right. 

What you will learn?

Ø  Basics of baking

Ø  Cakes

Ø  You will learn about the tools

Ø  Breads

Ø  Muffins

Ø  Cupcakes

Ø  And some other additional stuff


Why from Luscious Sensations?

Luscious Sensations is a page of a budding home bakers in Mohali. She believes that love can be expressed by food like every other woman that cooks n bakes. Her love for baking wants her to learn more and share what she is going through and what is actually a journey of every other home baker as a beginner.

All recipes we take from internet we try and we fail because some of them are not the right recipes and we end up thinking that we can’t bake. Here at Luscious Sensations, all the tried recipes are shared which have given amazing results and are loved by all.


Advantages of baking food other than cakes:-

1.       Nutrient Retention

By using dry heat instead of water, baking doesn’t cause the loss of some minerals and water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, that cooking methods like boiling do.


2.       Potentially Lower in Fat

Bonus point of baking is that you can use less oil or no oil than you would need for cooking methods like sautéing, stir-frying or deep-frying.

Do visit our website for recipes of cakes, breads, muffins and surprise your family!

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